Every night millions of people lie their heads down on their pillows and fall asleep to the roar of an arena audience, to the tune of a dream called ‘musical stardom’ as performed by themselves. Few will display the effort, fewer will taste the reward. However, there will always be those that do. Let this be a platform for those few.
The Cue Club in collaboration with a panel of the area's top musicians, bring you the new proving ground for upcoming acoustic musical talent.
Join the Cue Club as we exposé exclusive acoustic talent on our large stage before an audience of those who love and those who love to play. Enjoy different hosts, including duos like Oscar Ramos & Matt Ray, Josh McCulloch & Ryan Cartwright.
It's guaranteed - no two shows will be quite the same. This is the new standard of Live Acoustic Performance. This is..
Cue Club: A*Cue*Sticks

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